Matrix Reprinting

Matrix Reprinting

Matrix Reimprinting was created in 2006 by EFT Master Karl Dawson in the UK. It is based on the idea that we are all connected and part of a unified energy field or “Matrix.”  Using EFT with Matrix Reimprinting is a method to clear adverse feelings and negative beliefs.

New science is proving that our beliefs give fuel to our thoughts and emotions, making us behave or experience the world in a certain way. We have the power to transform any negative core belief into a positive force in our lives. During a session, we use EFT to balance the energy in the body, and Matrix Reimprinting to replace a negative memory or belief with a supportive one.

When working with challenging memories, Matrix Reimprinting is based on the premise that when a difficult event occurs, we feel helpless and powerless because we cannot fight back or take flight; instead, we freeze. In that moment, a part of us energetically splits off, and instead of remaining stored in the body, this split-off part, or ECHO, gets stored in the Matrix.

Matrix Reimprinting involves the client entering into a dialogue with the ECHO at the time of the challenging event. When we release energy through tapping, it gives resources to the ECHO and moves safely through the memory; the subconscious mind can let go of the difficult memory and feel safe.

An ECHO is held in a biomorphic field around the body. This field, also called the Matrix, gives the first part of the name to this technique. We can have hundreds of ECHOs, from childhood or from recent events. The surprising thing is that each ECHO exists and has an independent, autonomous awareness. We can ask the ECHO questions and get real answers. The work is done directly in the unconscious mind, making this technique highly effective and transformative.

An ECHO creates a type of amnesia; we numb out from the challenging event as if it had never happened. But the ECHO lives on in our subconscious mind and dictates our response to future situations. As long as the ECHO holds the memory, similar events will trigger a similar response. Often, our subconscious response to a perceived threat is no longer valid or appropriate, but it keeps happening regardless. This can lead to stress, feat and sadness. In the subconscious mind, memories are viewed as current events, and it takes a great deal of energy to hold these ECHOs in the Matrix.

Karl Dawson stated that most of our negative beliefs and worldviews are created, often through trauma, when we are in utero, at birth, and during the first 6 years of our lives.

The Freeze Response: when a difficult event occurs, and we can’t take flight or fight back (the fight or flight response), we freeze. We are immobilized by a sense of total helplessness. This is how an ECHO is created; part of us splits off energetically. The freeze response is a survival response. In animal studies, freezing is the last resort when being threatened.

After the event, there is a great deal of shame. The ECHO regrets its inaction, which it sees as a sign of weakness. Most animals are able to discharge the freeze response after the threat is gone. They shake it off. As humans, we don’t discharge the freeze response (Exception: some tribal cultures do).

In Matrix Reimprinting, our job is to help the ECHO move through the challenging event, release the freeze response, and reduce the symptoms of fight or flight. We then create a new memory and beliefs that will be supportive and resourceful.

By changing images in the Matrix, we can change the language of our subconscious mind.

During a session, we take certain steps in order to reach the ECHO and be able to heal the trauma:

  1. Identify a memory that is disturbing.
  2. Step in the Matrix and connect with the ECHO at that time. In this technique, the ECHO is the real client.
  3. Ask about feelings and circumstances, and whether it is ok to do EFT in order to help.
  4. When the intensity has subsided, we ask the ECHO about the learning experienced from this event and the core belief that was internalized as a consequence.
  5. Ask the ECHO how we could change the situation to make it better.
  6. Working in the Matrix can be truly magical, and all kinds of resources become available to us, including the power of the spiritual world. We can move through time and space with ease, in order to bring any type of relief that the ECHO needs. We can also tap on other people involved in the event, if they give us permission in the Matrix.
  7. When the difficult memory has been released, we start the Reimprinting process, which means that a supportive new picture, created by the ECHO, is installed in every cell of the body, to replace the old one. The client’s unconscious mind will remember the new picture, creating a new supporting belief for life and a new way to experience the world.
  • Difficult Memories
  • Persistent Sadness
  • Weight Issues
  • Stress
  • Sports Performance
  • Anger
  • Cravings
  • Grief
  • Energy Imbalances
  • Difficulties paying attention
  • Fears
  • Sleep Problems
  • Pain Management
  • Learning and Study Problems