What Customer's Are Saying AbouT Us!

“With amazement, pleasure and gratitude, I am recommending InnerQ Holistic Centre for its incredible service. I had depression for over 4 years. I have tried many things, and finally started believing that there is no way for me to come out of depression. After taking two “Energy Healing sessions combined with spiritual counseling, I have transformed into a new individual. My life has changed so much that I want to thank Shahida J.Shaib from the bottom of my heart for giving me a new life. My way of thinking had changed so drastically that my husband and friends were pleasantly surprised. I feel happier, calmer and grounded. I felt stronger handling other people’s judgement or comments on me. I have no words to describe my experience. Now everything looks and sounds new for me. I am enjoying this new freedom.”
Balveer Baryar
Surrey, BC

“With pleasure and extreme gratitude let me write my experience with Shahida on her exceptional ability to give energy healing and reflexology. I am pleased to have met Shahida J. Sahib at a Reflexology session at Pacific Institute of Reflexology, not knowing that we were brought together by the Universe for a deeper exchange of many gifts. Through Shah’s gift and knowledge of intuitive guidance, Palm reading and numerology, she has helped and guided me to a deeper understanding of my journey in a positive and enlightening way. She was able to help me in my professional field also. I trust Shahida completely and recommend her to help anyone, who is in search of higher guidance or relaxation or awakening through her knowledge and gifts that she can offer.”
Iolanda Esposito
Real Estate Agent

“This is to express my gratitude to Shahida for being a part of my life. She is a passionate spiritual healer who helped me come out from the tragic demise of my mom. I was amazed at the depth of awareness and incredible support that she provided me. She held my hand and pulled me out of that sorrow. I felt peace and contentment and God’s love flowing down my heart. I have known her for many years even before she started practicing Reiki. She has always helped me out of the negative and depressing phases in my life towards a more positive and eternal progress. The benefits of being under her spiritual guidance go beyond words. Every part of my life has been touched for the better. I have come a long way towards enrichment of body, mind and spirit through counseling, healing and prayerful thoughts. I live in a way more beautiful than I could possibly imagine. I thank God for sending her my way!”
Anupama Grover
Surrey School District

“I am grateful to Shahida J. Sahib and Isabel Homister! You have so graciously changed my life which will have a tremendous effect on me and all those I come in contact with on my journey. My everlasting gratitude and peace to both of you as you continue to change the world. I was a chain smoker and a person who lack focus, scattered in thoughts due to my ADHD. After having Reiki sessions with Isabel and Shahida, I felt calmer, focused and had the ability to quit smoking for 6 months. I highly recommend Isabel and Shahida for their devoted energy healing sessions.”
James Burke
http://www.burke-ventures.com P: 778.668.4717

“Shahida is an intuitive and sensitive person. Her insights in energy healing are well focused and provide her clients with clarity in their life direction. In my experience, she was a catalyst for making a life changing decision. As well as this, Shahida is a very caring professional. Her background as an engineer gives her the capacity to see energies as they work and flow through Quantum energy healing techniques. I wish her all the best in her endeavours and recommend her to assist in your shift, whether moving forward or maybe you just need to clarify your present journey.”
Christine Pollock
As mentioned in Linkedin

“I had the fortunate opportunity to seek and receive the guidance and powerful hands on work from Shahida. Her positive energy and words were so significant that I was able to conceive a beautiful child. Before this time, I had no hope or energy to ever imagine I was able to conceive. She took my negativity energy and transformed it into a positive and happy one that I use to cope with everyday life. Thank you Shahida for caring and allowing me to live life to the utmost.”
Parween Sidhu

“Shahida is very passionate about her energy healing practice. She is highly professional and dedicated to the selfless service of helping people. She combines the knowledge of energy, art and science into her healing sessions and customizes it to her client’s needs. She communicates with clients in a level and language that they will easily understand. Shahida has strong understanding of cross cultural values and handles sensitive issues with utmost care and attention to give maximum stress / pain relief to clients. Besides being born gifted, Shahida has mastered energy healing arts and uses Adam’s techniques (Adam McLeod) and other healing techniques. I have referred her to more than hundred patients. In most situations, she was able to heal all of my clients who had chronic, incurable illnesses using alternative healing holistic practices. With best wishes!”
Dr. Malek Moosa, M.D., CCFP
Family Physician

“Shah is very passionate about her practice. She combines art and science into her sessions whether it’s Reiki or Reflexology. She is not afraid to share the basis of her beliefs and strengths that make her even more credible. She communicates with you in a level that you will understand the ancient practice with western beliefs. Shah is an amazing passionate person with a strong spiritual grounding. InnerQ Holistic Centre exudes her personality, passion and zeal.”
Marissa Bejer

“Reiki –Energy Healing Experience!!! Totally Unexpected. I had the privilege to have a Reiki session in Feb, 2010 in Vancouver. I had not in my wildest dreams dared to hope for such an incredibly fantastic experience which it actually was, and I feel great gratitude for having experienced the admirable job that Shahida and Isabel did. The next day after my surgery at Surrey Memorial Hospital, I was in great pain, when Shah and Isabel visited me in the hospital for giving a Reiki healing session. I was skeptical and did not know the power of energy healing. While I was in the session, I had a great relaxing experience that can not be expressed in words. After the session, I went off to sleep, did not feel any pain, and I did not take any pain killers. I am fortunate to have this experience and recommend Reiki Healing as a powerful tool to try for pain and stress relief. I thank Isabel and Shah on their journey to empowering and healing people one at a time. Blessings and best wishes”
Ronnie Singh, Dental Hygienist
12989 109 Ave., Surrey, BC